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What Life span to expect from your roof

Hot Tar/built-up Roofs/ Torch-Down



Determining the lifespan of a low pitched roof is especially difficult.  A atypical lifespan for a 3-ply hot tar and gravel or cap sheet roof is about 20 years.  A torch-down roof should last about 20 years as well, but these products have not proven themselves on the market yet.  The companies which manufacture torch-down typically offer a 10 or 12 year warranty.  Hot tar roofs have no material warranty as they are “made” on the jobsite  by the contractor using layers of fiberglass felt and hot asphalt.

The lifespan for both smooth hot-tar and torch down roofs can be extended substantially with a roof coating to protect the surface from the sun.



Typical signs that a flat roof is at the end of its life include blisters and air pockets, excessive cracks and “alligatoring” areas where material has pulled away from the fascia cap in the built-in gutters, and hair line cracks along seams and flashings.


Metal and Tile Roofs


Unless a roof has obviously been installed improperly, it is seldom that we are asked to certify metal roofs since they are usually guaranteed for 40 to 50 years.  As for tile roofs, we are asked to verify that the normal maintenance has been performed over the years since it has been installed.


Manufacturer Class Action Lawsuits


Over the years, manufacturers have experimented with new types of roofing materials with mixed results.  Some materials have had problems/failures which resulted in class-action suits.  Just because this material is on a roof does not mean it will not certify, however the odds are against it.  Your buyer or seller should be aware that this might be an issue.  The following roofing products have had problems in the past.  Included are their names, company, phone numbers and website addressed for more information.



Manufactured by Masonite


Class action lawsuits pages for woodruff Roofing (Masonite), Omni Wood Siding (Masonite), and Masonite Hardboard siding. Jttp://www.kinsella.com/masonite/



Manufactured by American Chemwood


American Chemwood Roofing Settlement




Produced by Recon, Inc.


FireFree Class Action Settlement website.


The purpose of this website is to provide information regarding recovery under this class-action settlement.—Summary of FireFree Class Action—A class action suit has been certified and the court has granted preliminary approval to a Settlement for $18.4 million with defendants, Re-Con Building Products, Inc., related to the manufacturer and sale of roofing tiles marketed under the brand names, FireFree Rustic Shake, FireFree Quarry Slate, FireFree Colonial Shingle, Quantum Shake and Quantum Shake Panels, (collectively, “FireFree Tiles”). http://wwwfirefreeclaims.com/